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About LCOS

Mission Partners

Central City Lutheran Mission

Central City Lutheran Mission is a dynamic ministry in the heart of San Bernardino that reaches deeply into the poor and underserved in our community.

Mission Statement: "By the Grace of God, CCLM is a community of healing, hope, and empowerment in the heart of the city."

  • LCOS has partnered in ministry with bars of soap, Easter shoes and socks, peanut butter drives, beans, rice, pasta, salmon, sardines, Christmas dinner, through donations of material goods, including pews, and through regular benevolence donations. 

CCLM offers:

  • Classes in Aerobics, Cake Decorating, Computers, Arts and Crafts, English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • An After School Program with snack, activities, tutoring, and dinner for children.
  • From CCLM's Food Pantry page you can get various lists of resources for grocery distribution, hot meals and other services for people in need.  CCLM has grocery distribution twice a month and a free hot meal to anyone every Monday through Friday from 12noon - 1pm
  • Men's Shelter - CCLM offers a cold weather shelter for men over the age of 18 open from November 1 through April 30. Guests are given a place to sleep, a hygiene kit, dinner and breakfast, an opportunity to take a shower, and a place to store some personal items during the day.
  • Supportive Housing Program-CCLM in partnership with HUD provides housing for HIV positive homeless individuals. Residents are also provided individual case management, and group support in both Spanish and English.
  • Medical Transportation - CCLM provides transportation for HIV positive people who need assistance getting to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or other supportive services.
  • Worship and Bible Study-Weekly worship with a community meal starts at 5pm.  Come join The Banquet!
  • Thrift Store - Open for donations Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm and for purchasing items on Thursday and Fridays. People in need of clothing can also choose clothing for free by contacting the office.
  • H Street Clinic: Serves patients from the neighborhood on a daily basis with a bilingual staff of doctors and nurses. During the winter, the homeless men who come to the Mission receive a complete physical and will have access to the H Street Clinic year round, ending numerous trips to emergency rooms for primary care.

Rev. David Nagler, pastor/CEO of CCLM has preached and for our congregation on several occasions.

Mary’s Table

Mary’s Table is a program of Mary's Mercy Center, a public non-profit organization that provides food, housing and other assistance to people in need.  Volunteers from different congregations provide home-cooked meals to between 300-400 people per day, to those less fortunate. Showers and clothing are available for those who are in such need of assistance.  Our congregation provides the meal two Tuesdays of the month.  For dates & details, see our calendar.

Lutheran Maritime Ministries

Ever feel lonely when you are away from home?  Or feel the need to connect when traveling?  Imagine what life as a seafarer is like.  This ministry serves those who bring us all our goods by ship into the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach.  We are privileged to share in that ministry through various forms of support, including Christmas in July.  The ministry provides cell phones, transportation, home meals, spiritual care, gifts, and other forms of care. For more information, check out their blogspot:

Christmas Boxes:  If you want to contribute towards Christmas boxes, bring any of the following items and WELCA will deliver your gifts. Wrap the boxes & lids separately since they have to be inspected on the ships.  Items include: 

Shaving Cream
Lip Balm
Nail Clipper
Hand Lotion
Hard Candy
Packets of Gum
Packets of Peanuts
Packets of Popcorn
Wrapped candy bars
Small first aid kit
Warm white socks
Playing Cards
Travel-size games
Wrapped hard candy
Double A batteries
Writing paper/envelopes
Sewing kit
Knitted caps

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

This Lutheran church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The organization of the ELCA allows us to work locally, coordinate regionally, and connect globally to efforts throughout the whole Christian church. The ELCA shares altar and pulpit fellowship (can exchange clergy) with several other denominations and encourages serious dialogue and cooperation with people of varying faith traditions on issues of faithful living, social justice, and the relief of the causes and consequences of poverty with people.

ELCA Mission Support

Our Missionary to Liberia

We are excited to support John Lunn who is a healthcare resource specialist in Liberia. John has taught us how there can be healing of a person even without a bodily cure and what a difference can be made by bridge-builders.  Individuals support John through their prayers and their financial support. Individuals can participate in financial support by signing up in the Entryway for $23 per week.   Please keep this ministry in your prayers. For more info, including his monthly letters, see our specific page for Missionary Lunn. Rev. Lunn can also be reached at and more news is on his website at

ELCA World Hunger

As we talked about “Bread for the Journey” during Lent of 2012, we shared God's love, the “rich food we feast upon”, and made bread possible for those who are lacking daily bread.  Our midweek Lenten offerings went to ELCA World Hunger, a total of $6,957.00.

ELCA Malaria Campaign

August 2013 was another month for LCOS to fight malaria!

We more than filled the originally empty 99 frames with our $25 donations.  They are now filled with beautiful faces and extra are outside those frames. Our $3022 will help 121 families get mosquito nets, medication, and education and training. LCOS has donated $12490 in our 3 years of malaria campaigns. 

— A child dies every 45 seconds from malaria
— 3.3 billion people (half the world's population) at risk
— 250 million cases a year worldwide…
— 800,000 deaths annually
— 89% of malaria deaths worldwide
occur in Africa
— Malaria causes 20% of childhood deaths in Africa

For only $10.00 a family in Africa can be provided with a net to keep the mosquitos away for a long time … and no one will be bitten as they sleep at night.  Malaria can be prevented and treated.  And for very little cost.  And yet people, mainly children, are still dying in large numbers.  This is a no-brainer.  We set a goal for $5000 to help eradicate malaria for the month of August of 2011 and we exceeded that goal by over $1,500.   The ELCA Malaria campaign is a 3-year effort and we took another swipe at those mosquitos with another ingathering in August 2012.

             Malaria Presentation     

Pacifica Synod

Living Into the Future Together (LIFT)

Along with the rest of the ELCA and in coordination with our Pacifica Synod, Lutheran Church of Our Savior is in the process of Strategic Evangelical Mission Planning under a Churchwide program called Living into the Future Together (LIFT).  In the Pacifica Synod, this will involve developing and submitting plans (see Bishop Finck's LIFT message). In our case this process will build on the research and dialogues done as part of the transition process and include new conversations under the leadership of our new pastor.  We continue to listen to the hurts and hopes of the community and help individuals discern their gifts for service as our congregation continues and adapts its service to our local and global neighbors. If you have questions LIFT planning at LCOS, please contact


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